SARKANICE / 17-20 May

Sarkanice has an amazing ornamental geometric style. He is a resident in Berlin’s Der Grimm Tattoo and will be guesting our studio from 17th to 20th of May. 

Sanitation and sterilization are priorities for our studio and us as an artists. We take great care to ensure a maximum of hygiene during the working process on your skin in order to eliminate any possible source of contamination.
Our studio emphasizes the idea of custom designed tattoos, therefore we prefer to work on a design by ourselfs, instead of copying somebody else's tattoo. After all we respect other artist's work as we want our work to be respected.
Getting tattooed, especially the first time, might raise questions. Don't hesitate to ask whatever you want to know. We would like you to go about the tattooing process without doubts and will try to clarify all beforehand.

Who We Are

We are an established tattoo studio in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria. Serving as a platform for individual tattoo artists, who share a common working space, White Rabbit opened in 2015.

What We Do

Our main focus is on creating unique tattoos, custom-designed to suit the bodies of their wearers. We don’t want to produce tattoos in bulk but invest our time and ideas to custom design each piece.