White Rabbit Tattoos

Who We Are

We are an established tattoo studio in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria. Serving as a platform for individual tattoo artists, who share a common working space, White Rabbit opened in 2015. Whether for walk-ins, or commissioned designs, we have the ambition to create tattoos that express personality.

What We Do

Our main focus is on creating unique tattoos, custom-designed to suit the bodies of their wearers. We don’t want to produce tattoos in bulk but invest our time and ideas to custom design each piece. Whether it’s a very specific idea, a design picked up from our flash books, or an adventurous freehand session, we strive to execute authentic tattoos that have visual impact and personal meaning.

What's New?

SARKANICE / 17-20 May

Sarkanice has an amazing ornamental geometric style. He is a resident in Berlin’s Der Grimm Tattoo and will be guesting our studio from 17th to 20th of May.