Before getting tattooed

You choose an artist.
So you took the decision to get your tattoo done and most likely you have a somewhat concrete idea already, what it should be and where on your body it could be. At this point it's important for you to chose an artist that should incorporate a style that is close to what you expect as a final result of your own tattoo. This means: If you went through our portfolio and thought: 'What the heck is this ugliness?', you're most probably just not a fan of how we work and it doesn't make any sense to plan your tattoo project together, because this will mean nothing but frustration on both sides.
In case you went through our portfolio and thought: 'Wow, that's some rad stuff!', then you're in the right place and we're the right people to bring your tattoo idea to live.

It's time to get in touch.
You can either do this via our facebook page, or write us an e-mail, or call us right away. However, it would be great if you would already know with which particular artist you want to work, if you made a choice already. We'll fix an appointment to get to know you and talk about your project in person. If you have a concrete idea already, it can be good to bring some pictures or sketches with you to give a direction of what you imagine. But these should serve as an inspiration only, please don't come with the print of somebody else's tattoo and ask us to copy it, that's not how we work. You can of course also come without any pictures and just explain in words what you imagine your tattoo to be like and give complete freedom to the artist to draft something for you. At this meeting the artist will advice you in terms of placement and size of the tattoo. Not every size and idea is suitable for every place of the body, as different body parts have different shapes and even the skin behaves differently.

Here starts the drafting.
Now you fix a date and hour with your tattooist to get your tattoo done and pay a small deposit. This is important for the artist who will concentrate his time and effort on drawing a customized design for you - it's like an insurance for him in case you change your mind or postpone the actual tattooing process to a later point in your live. Once a first draft is done, it's time to discuss the design and make changes if necessary and adapt the design to come up to your expectations.
At this stage the tattooist will know about the approximate amount of time it will take him to tattoo you and he will tell you the price.

What to do.
If your design is refined and you're ready to get tattooed, please be aware to be physically prepared for this process. You might be very excited especially when getting tattooed for the first time, so your body will produce a lot of adrenaline, you will need a good amount of patience, depending on size and placement of the tattoo, you might sweat a lot and probably be exhausted after the process. So it's important that you drink enough - but please don't overdo, having to interrupt the process for a run to the toilet every 15 minutes is not recommended. Start your day with a good amount of food and maybe take some small snack and something to drink with you in case you get hungry or thirsty during the process.

What not to do.
Don't go partying the night before and especially don't get drunk or take drugs. This will not only influence your pain threshold but alcohol also thins your blood, so you're more likely to bleed a lot during the process. Be sure to get enough sleep, as getting a tattoo can be physically quite exhaustive and you will have to sit patiently for a while, probably in uncomfortable positions that will require some concentration. If you happen to fall sick, it doesn't make sense to get tattooed, as your body needs to invest its energy elsewhere. Please call at least a couple of hours ahead to cancel your appointment. And of course it's fine to take a friend with you to keep you distracted, but please don't bring all the family clan with you, there's simply not enough space in our studio for all of them and the tattooist might get nervous if the place is too crowded.

Keep in mind that depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo all the process might take a couple of hours, so reserve enough time that day and take a book to read or a tablet to surf in the internet while you wait for the tattooing place to get prepared.

Yey, you finally got your tattoo done!
How great! It's understandable that you're euphoric now, but it's not over yet. Your fresh tattoo is to be considered a wound and has to be treated with great caution and care.
Your tattoo artist will tell you how to treat your skin in the upcoming days, but in case you were too hyped to listen to him, you can read more in detail on the after care process here.



  • Give your tattoo artist directions of what you want, but don't ask him to copy an already existing tattoo
  • Feel free to discuss the design with him and propose changes or adaptions
  • Sleep, eat, drink (but not alcohol) on the day of your tattooing appointment
  • Reserve enough time that day
  • Bring a book or something else to pass the time


  • Partying and getting drunk the night before you're about to get tattooed
  • Coming sick to your appointment or not showing up without cancelation
  • Bringing a lot of people with you (one friend is okay though)