About White Rabbit Tattoos

We are an established tattoo studio in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria. Serving as a platform for individual tattoo artists, that share a common working space, White Rabbit opened in 2015. Whether for walk-ins, or commissioned designs, we have the ambition to create tattoos that express personality.

Currently in the shop work three artists, Valentin /electricvalentin/, Konstantin /kseno/ and Alexandra /sa6ettu/. Each of us adding his own personal style and influences, into his work. Occasionally, we welcome guest artists, that contribute to the diversity of the local tattoo scene.

If you have an idea for a tattoo, contact us to make an appointment. We appreciate your interest and would be thrilled, if allowed to express our personality in your next tattoo.

Sanitation and sterility are main concerns of our tattoo studio and us as an artists. We take great care to ensure a maximum of hygiene during the working process on your skin in order to eliminate any possible source of contamination.
Our studio emphasizes the idea of custom designed tattoos, therefore we prefer to work on a design by ourselfs, instead of copying somebody else's tattoo. After all we respect other artist's work as we want our work to be respected.
Getting tattooed, especially the first time, might raise questions. Don't hesitate to ask whatever you want to know. We would like you to go about the tattooing process without doubts and will try to clarify all beforehand.

In case you are still uncertain, take a quick look of some of our selected works or head over to our portfolio to build even greater inspiration for your skin.

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Black work / Color / Hand poke

Valentin has a bold style, tattooing wether in color or just black, he is equally confident with machine or hand poke.
He has a strong tendency to Old School, oriental or ornamental topics.

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Dot work / Blackwork / Ornamental

Konstantin's focus is on geometric and ornamental designs. He preferably works in black and is keen on fine dot work and compositions that play with the negative spaces. He also enjoys illustrative drawing and is open to translate any ideas into tattoos.

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Hand poke

Alex is an accomplished illustrator and has become a talented hand poke artist.
She enjoys to draw cute stuff and silly faces, but is open to stick and poke a custom design for you.

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Iva is a skilled graphic artist, with very distinguished illustrative style.